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端午节英文祝福语简短2024 关于端午节的英语短语和句子

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I say: to see the person of message Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

2. 愿我能把世上最好的祝福带给你,祝端午节快乐!

May I can put the best blessing to you, and wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

3. 记住:你微笑时我的世界也微笑,祝端午节快乐!

Remember: yousmilesmile of my world, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

端午节英文祝福语简短2024  关于端午节的英语短语和句子

4. 让这件外套紧紧伴着你度过每分每秒,祝端午节快乐!

Let this coat tightly with pass every minute near you, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

5. 身为朋友的我,祝你端午节快乐。

As friends, I wish you happy Dragon Boat Festival.

6. 不一定常常联络,但一定放在心上;身为朋友的我,祝你端午节快乐。

Not often contact, but must heart, As friends, I wish you happy Dragon Boat Festival.

7. 祝端午节快乐幸福。

Wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy.

8. 丝丝柔柔的微风,传去了节日的祝辞,飘向远方的你,愿你度过这美好的一切,端午节快乐。

Filar silk gentle breeze, preach to the festival, piaoxiang distant remarks of you, may you have this wonderful everything, Dragon Boat Festival is happy.

9. 不用语言来表达、只用实际来拥有、祝你端午节快乐。

I do not have words to express, only to have reality, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

10. 脱去你的外衣,你是那样白嫩,发着淡淡的幽香,舔一舔再咬上一口,我心飞上九霄云外,啊,粽子我的至爱!

taking off your coat, you are so Bainen, in light of the Youxiang, Tianyi Tian again on a bite, my heart fly Cloud Nine, ah, I love dumplings!

11. 粽子该是透入大海的,因为你的胸怀像大海一样的宽广,别忘了给自己投一个粽子!祝端午节快乐!

of the dumplings is thoroughly into the sea, because your mind like the sea, like the broad, do not forget to vote in an own dumplings! I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

12. 老妈:从前你会强迫我吃粽子.而今,孩儿不在母亲身边,用短信编织一个虚拟的粽子送给您,祈天下老父老母平安!

Mom: I used to force you to eat dumplings. Today, Haier is not the mother who, by weaving a message sent to your virtual dumplings, Mr Laofulaomu world peace!

13. 喜讯:端午节当天,手机号头两位数字是13的用户,可以到街边小摊上免费领取粽子,当然,事先要抹上烫伤膏以防被摊主的开水泼到。

piece of good news: The Dragon Boat Festival the same day, the first two digits of the phone is 13 users can go to the free on-street stalls for dumplings, of course, prior to being applied and who runs the burn ointment to prevent the water pouring into.

14. 有分离就有相聚,分别得越久越是亲昵.我想告诉你,这个端午节我特别想你。

the longer the more intimate. I want to tell you that I particularly like the Dragon Boat Festival you.

15. 一颗心迁挂着你,一份爱祝福着你,一份真感情在等待着你的回应.祝端午节快乐!

Hanging heart to move you, a love bless you, and a genuine feeling waiting for your response. I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

16. 有时我忙,有时我忘;有时我累,有时我懒!但怎样我也会记得想你,想你这个好朋友!记住:你微笑时我的世界也微笑,祝端午节快乐!

Sometimes I'm busy, sometimes I forget; sometimes I'm tired, sometimes I lazy! But how I will remember that like you, thinkyou that a good friend! Remember: Yousmile when my world issmiling, I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

17. 用一缕春风,两滴夏雨,三片秋叶,四朵冬雪,做成五颜六色的礼盒;打着七彩八飘的丝带,用九分真诚,十分热情,装进无数祝福送给你,愿端午节好运。

With a ray of spring, two drops of summer rain, three autumn, 4 winter snow, made of colorful gift box; name of eight floating colorful ribbons, with nine points sincere, very warm, put them in countless blessings given to You, like Lucky Dragon Boat Festival.

18. 端午到了,送你一个万能“粽”,仅限端午食用。食用的呈现:幸福紧随如风,烦恼跑得匆匆;知识用之不竭,钱财取之不尽;好运如日中天,彩票一买即中。

Dragon Boat Festival to give you an omnipotent "Dumplings", only the Dragon Boat Festival food. Food presentation: well-being followed by the wind, troubled run hastily; knowledge inexhaustible, inexhaustible supply of money; luck heyday of the lottery that is the one to buy.

19. 粽儿满满,人生暖暖,粽儿甜甜,情意绵绵。祝我最亲爱的亲人,端午快乐!

Dumplings are full, life is warm, dumplings are sweet and tender. Happy Dragon Boat Festival to my dearest relatives!

20. 有分离就有相聚,分别得越久越是亲昵。我想告诉你,这个端午节我特别想你。

There is separation, there is reunion. The longer the separation, the more intimate it is. I want to tell you that I miss you very much this Dragon Boat Festival.

21. 一千朵玫瑰给你,要你好好爱自己;一千颗幸运星给你,好运一直围绕你!祝端午节愉快!

A thousand roses for you, want you to love yourself; a thousand lucky stars for you, good luck has been around you! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

22. 天有情,地有情,愿你天天好心情!端午节快乐!

Heaven has affection, earth has affection, wish you a good mood every day! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

23. 端午节,吃粽香,快快乐乐朋友莫忘。

Dragon Boat Festival, eat Zongxiang, happy friends do not forget.

24. 温馨的祝福追着你,情意绵绵。祝你端午开心,心情舒畅!

Warm wishes follow you, affectionate. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival and a happy mood!

25. 闻起来是温馨,吃起来是甜蜜,咽下去是幸福,回味着是美满,端午节快乐!

Itsmells warm, tastes sweet, swallows happy, aftertaste happy, Dragon Boat Festival happy!

26. 愿你端午节快乐,好运粽在身边,幸福满舟围!

May you have a happy Dragon Boat Festival, good luck and happiness around you!

27. 端午节,祝你无烦无恼,溜溜地幸福!

Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you no trouble, slippery happiness!

28. 愿你畅享日光的美妙,绽放灿烂的微笑,踩着平安的步调,踏上幸福的大道!

May you enjoy the beauty of the sunshine, bloom a brilliantsmile, tread on the pace of peace, and embark on the road of happiness!

29. 端午到了,我送你一个爱心粽子!祝你梦中有我,天天都有一个好心情!

Dragon Boat Festival iscoming. I'll give you a loving dumpling! May you have me in your dream and have a good mood every day!

30. 祝愿你一切都如意,端午节快乐。

Wish you all the luck, the Dragon Boat Festival is happy.

31. 预祝您和您的家人端午节快乐!

Wish you and your families have a nice holiday!

32. 有种友谊,无须挂齿,却心领神会,祝端午节快乐!

Without it, the gutty friendship, but got the message, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

33. 缘分,让我遇见你;开心,让我认识你;牵挂,让我想起你;友谊,让我们在一起;信息,让我不得不发给你;祝愿你一切都如意,端午节快乐。

Fate, let me meet you; Happy, let me know you; Passions, reminds me of you; Friendship, let us together; Information, let me have to send you; Wish you all the luck, the Dragon Boat Festival is happy.

34. 夏日的到来,愿你心情舒畅,曾落下的问候,这一刻一起补偿,所有的关心,凝聚这条短信,祝端午节快乐。

The arrival of summer, wish you good mood, had dropped greetings, in this moment, all the concern withcompensation, condensing this message, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy.

35. 永远开开心心快快乐乐,祝端午节快乐!

Always happy, happy heart, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!

36. 赛龙舟,甜蜜幸福一起收。我祝你,每天快乐常欢喜。端午节到了,祝你端午节快乐!

Dragon boat racing, sweet and happy harvest together. I wish you happiness every day. Dragon Boat Festival is here. Happy Dragon Boat Festival to you!

37. 端午节又到,祝你端午快乐,好运连连。

Dragon Boat Festival is here again. Happy Dragon Boat Festival and good luck.

38. 愿你尽情品尝,保你事业成功,身体健康,平安吉祥,精彩的日子长又长!

May you enjoy it and ensure your success in your career, good health, peace and good luck, and long and wonderful days!

39. 我原来是买了粽子要送你的,并且发了短消息给你,但小偷拿了你的手机,亲爱的,我们一起跳江吧!

I originally bought dumplings to give you, and made a short message to you, but the thieves got your phone, dear, we jump with Jiang Zemin!

40. 我那天在自己动手包粽子,眼看就要包好了,可是我找了半天也不知道包点什么肉进去的好。直到我突然看见了你,我决定就包点猪头肉进去吧。

the day I pack dumplings in their own hands, we should see a good package, but I do not know for a long time what point package of meat into the good. Until I suddenly saw you, I decided to pack it into the points Zhu Tourou.

41. 听说今年端午节期间出了个怪事,我当时正好路过,但我不相信我所见到的一切:那只猪居然真地像人一样拿着手机正在看短信!

I heard during the Dragon Boat Festival this year, out of a strange, I was just passing through, but I do not think I saw everything: the pig actually really like people holding mobile phone text messages are read!

42. 端午节电信新功能测试,本月免费,请按任一数字键测试你的智商………经测试您的智商为零。哈哈

Dragon Telecomtest new features, this month for free, please click any of the number keys to test your IQ ... your IQ by zero. Haha

43. 我是粽叶你是米,一层一层裹住你,你是牙齿我是米,香香甜甜粘住你,粽有多少米,我有多想你,记得给我发信息,不然粽子噎住你!

I am bamboo leaves your rice, layer by layer wrapped around you, you are my teeth, rice, savory sweet stick you, how much rice dumpling, how much I think you, remember to give me information, or dumplings choke live you!

44. 端午节愿开心陪你每一天,好运伴你每一秒!

Dragon Boat Festival is happy to accompany you every day, good luck with you every second!

45. 将所有的祝福,包成一碗粽,带着阵阵的芳香,提前祝你端午快乐。

Wrap all the blessings into a bowl of rice dumplings, with bursts of fragrance, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance.

46. 愿你端午节胜似粽子,甜甜蜜蜜,美美满满,幸福快乐!

May the Dragon Boat Festival be better than Zongzi, sweet, happy and happy!

47. 我愿意把世上的祝福带给你,祝端午节快乐!

I would like to bring you the best wishes in the world. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

48. 发出的是文字,收到的是快乐,见到的是短信,不见的是牵挂,打开的是健康,读出的是吉祥,默默的是祝福,祝端午节快乐。

Issue is the text received is happy to see the message but not that worried about is, open to health, read out a good fortune, is silence best wishes for a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

49. 愿这一声的祝福,化作一盏灯,照亮你下班回家的路,化成一束鲜花,带给你你一份清香美丽。祝你端午节快乐!

Like this soon as the blessing, into a lamp, light your way home from work, into a bouquet of flowers, to give you you a beautiful fragrance. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

50. 送个香囊带个荷包,自制几斤粽子,托人到山里采了艾叶,街头买了瓶雄黄酒,加上内心深处的几许关怀,作为礼物送给你,祝端午节快乐!

Send a sachets with a purse, made several kilograms of rice dumplings, the Trustee to the mountains to gather the leaves, the street bought a bottle of wine on them, plus a dash of heart care, as a gift to you, I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

51. 虽然你身体很好,但屈原说:多锻练身体,少打麻将,才能多吃粽子,天天健康!

Although your body good, but Qu Yuan said: more physical activity, less mahjong can eat dumplings every day health!

52. 我绝望了,紫霞离开了我,师傅太唠叨,牛魔王欠的钱又不还,好不容易买下水帘洞又被菩萨恶意收购,只剩下一毛钱发条短信祝二师弟端午快乐!

I am desperate, Daisy Li left me, master nagging, cattle devil owed money not yet, it was finally bought the Water Curtain Cave Buddha hostile takeover, only wish the two the next dime ClockworkSMS The Young Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

53. 愿你在端午节,粽是开心,粽是快乐,粽是好运,粽是幸福,粽是健康。

May you be happy, happy, lucky, happy and healthy during the Dragon Boat Festival.

54. 困难身边倒,大步永向前。端午送祝愿,开心身体健!Fall away from difficulties, stride forward forever. Dragon Boat Festival wishes, happy and healthy!

55. 拜托清风传送,愿鲜花与绿叶结伴,点缀你绚丽的人生,愿你端午节快乐!

Please send the breeze, wish flowers and green leaves to accompany you, embellish your brilliant life, and wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

56. 愿你心情快乐到,工作顺利高升到,财源滚滚发财到,友情爱情甜蜜到,生活美好幸福到。

May your mood be happy, your work be successful, your wealth be rich, your friendship and love be sweet, and your life be happy.

57. 愿你端午人快乐,身体健康莫大意!

Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival and good health!

58. 让阳光走进你的窗,让快乐飞到你身旁!祝端午节快乐!

Let the sunshine enter your window, let happiness fly to you! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

59. 年年岁岁端午节,分分秒秒幸福时,开开心心过端午!

Every year the Dragon Boat Festival, every minute of happiness, happy heart over the Dragon Boat Festival!

60. 端午棕子香,龙舟比赛忙,踏青要赶早,艾蒿挂门上,端午风俗不能忘!祝端午节快乐!

The Dragon Boat Festival is fragrant with brown seeds. The dragon boat race is busy. It's necessary to step on the green boat as soon as possible. Artemisia argyi hangs on the door. The Dragon Boat Festival custom can't be forgotten! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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